SWF Krantechnik 5 Ton Overhead Crane

Product ID


Item No.



Year of Manufacture

Oct 2006

Load Capacity

5 Ton

Long Travel Motor (kW)

0.37 kW

  1. Under remarks [Complete] meaning full crane intact. While those not mentioned would have one end cut during dismantling of the crane. But this has no impact to the performance as any other workshop will have a different floor space so the original bridge length may not be suitable as well.
  2. Year mfg will be marked [unknown] if there is no indication.
  3. Hoist Motor power rating mostly subjected to the working tonnage.
  4. Hoist travel motor refers to motor driving the hoist across the bridge.
  5. Long travel motor refers to motor driving the whole crane across the full length of the installation.
  6. Some motors are fully concealed so the power rating is not updated. But travel motors are mostly between 0.75 – 0.37kw.

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